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The Matter of the Matter

Creation for 2017 Avignon Festival

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the "Vif d u Sujet" (Heart of the Matter), born in 1997, which became "Sujet à Vif" (Matter at heart/on edge) in 2004, then “Sujets à Vif” (Matters at heart/on edge) in 2008, and on a proposal from the SACD and the Avignon Festival, I will propose in July (...)
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Lengthening the roofs

Creation 2017

How is the body affected? What’s the link between this tree, this yard, this sky, this human being, this doctor, this machine, this giraffe? How is everything working? How is everything acting? How does everything affect and affect itself? Lengthening the Roofs is an invitation to the (...)
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For Wagner

Création 2007

It will be about battles. The battles we force ourselves into. Those we wage and lose. About our paranoid constructions. About cows and sniggers. About the White Coats and the Blue Pyjamas. About barricaded balconies, knives planted into neighbours’ doors, about closed places where no light (...)
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Letters From Ville-Evrard

Creation 2006

– Summer 1994 The Theatre and its Double. First theoretical essay about read theatre. Scribbled pages, boxed paragraphs, highlighted sentences, I discover Artaud: I discover theatre. Another theatre. – Summer 2005 The company Vertical Détour settles into a residency in the Ville-Evrard (...)
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Apoplexy-working with the nutmeg grater

Création 2004

Apoplexy-working with the nutmeg grater is a conference created by G.R.I.M.E. (Group of Research on Influence and Manipulation of Events), based on the works about the workings of criminal networks carried out for three years.
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The Wandering Word

Creation 2001

“Words, sentences, chapters, pages, numbers, events, images, existences, trees, whales, birds… become the characters of an adventure they create for themselves out of their desire (necessity?) to take part in their own story and to “tell” their own truths. This adventure, throughout the century and (...)
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