Bad Weather / Bad Times


2006 Creation


An exploration of the disorders coming from the sky and of our own perceptions between lived spaces, scientific discourses and mental landscapes. From climate disruptions to chronological disruptions, the conference itself falters, leaving the speaker to face his own Bad Times solo.



Writing and direction, projections and video creations by Frédéric Ferrer

Assistant Alexandra Fritz

Light design Olivier Crochet, Virginie Galas

Stage design Griet de Vis

Starring Jean-Jacques Baillin, Maryline Even, Frédéric Ferrer, Maria Montes, Jean-Claude Montheil, Karen Ramage, Stéphane Schoukroun, and starring people (inhabitants of the visited towns and villages, last minute guests) who took part in the films

The text of this show has been published by Editions L’Oeil du Souffleur


Past performances :

Espace 1789, Saint-Ouen (93) / April 2009
Anciennes Cuisines, Hôpital psychiatrique de Ville-Evrard, Neuilly-sur-Marne (93) / march and april 2007, december 2008
Confluences, Paris / december 2005, january 2006