Lengthening the roofs


2017 Creation

©Nathalie Sternalski

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Festival Le Grand Bain, La Rose des Vents, scène nationale de Villeneuve d'Ascq



Festival le Grand Bain, La Rose des Vents, scène nationale de Villeneuve d'Ascq


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How is the body affected?

What’s the link between this tree, this yard, this sky, this human being, this doctor, this machine, this giraffe?

How is everything working?

How is everything acting?

How does everything affect and affect itself?


Lengthening the Roofs is an invitation to the declension of sequences, links, discourses, and movements.

It is a proposal to move forward and pull strings.

Somewhere between Roof-stringing and Lengthening the brain, two afflictions that James Tilly Matthews experienced in his own flesh.

Another way of saying that it will be about fluxes, exchanges, transfers and machines that affect our bodies and minds.


Born in England in 1770, James Tilly Matthews was considered to be the first diagnosed and documented case of schizophrenia. He kept a diary during his internment. Subject of some precursory works, he is the object of a monograph written by Doctor Haslam, who looks back at the theories on influencing machines and the manner of working events Matthew believed he was a victim of.


From Matthew’s illustrated notes about conspiracies and the strange emissions of rays he believed in, Frédéric Ferrer and Simon Tanguy offer a new interpretation of the observed effects.


But when their words and bodies mingle with the questions asked, the conference overtakes them and they start to fully experience what they are talking about.

Created and performed by : Frédéric Ferrer & Simon Tanguy

Sound and video design, stage management : Samuel Sérandour

Lights design : Paco Galan


Production – Diffusion Lola Blanc & Marion Cachan
Administration Flore Lepastourel
Communication - Public Relations Claire Gras


Production : Vertical Détour

Co-production : Le Gymnase, CDC de Roubaix / Théâtre des Ilets, CDN de Montluçon

Partnership : La Rose des Vents - scène nationale de Villeneuve d'Ascq / Le Vaisseau, lieu de création au Centre de réadaptation de Coubert

Production Sujet à Vif 2015 : Propagande C & Vertical Détour / Coproduction SACD & Festival d'Avignon